The Feast


‘The Feast’ gathers the seven deadly sins all under the roof of a Cornish seaside hotel managed by the unhappy wife of Sloth. Among the cast of characters are a clergyman, a gaggle of adolescents and children, a quarter of lovers, and a clutch of frustrated husbands and wives – all serving Margaret Kennedy’s dark and witty moral fable.



Celebrated by Cathy Rentzenbrink, this glorious rediscovered classic exploring the mystery of a buried Cornish hotel is perfect for Agatha Christie and Daphne du Maurier fans …
‘Hilarious and perceptive, here’s the perfect seaside holiday read.’ Daily Mail
‘Entertaining, beautifully written, and profound.’ Tracy Chevalier
‘Tense, touching, human, dire, and funny … A feast indeed.’ Elizabeth Bowen
‘Kennedy is not only a romantic but an anarchist.’ Anita Brookner
‘So full of pleasure that you could be forgiven for not seeing how clever it is.’ Cathy Rentzenbrink
‘Oh boy, what a treat; wonderfully sharp and funny … Page-turningly good!’ Lissa Evans
Cornwall, Midsummer 1947. Pendizack Manor Hotel is buried in the rubble of a collapsed cliff. Seven guests have perished, but what brought this strange assembly together for a moonlit feast before this Act of God – or Man? Over the week before the landslide, we meet the hotel guests in all their eccentric glory: and as friendships form and romances blossom, sins are revealed, and the cracks widen …

Reader Reviews:
‘Really clever – but readable. Perfect for a sunlounger (in the garden!)’
One of the best books I have ever read … Viva Ms. Kennedy, you were truly marvellous!’ *****
‘The best book I’ve ever read. Yes, I know that’s a big statement! Kennedy is quickly becoming my all-time favorite author … A first-rate literary genius.*****
This is bar none, one of the best books I have ever read.’ *****
‘A magnificent rediscovery … Kennedy’s masterpiece is a searing and unflinching look at postwar England … Elegantly and tartly written, this smart and haunting novel offers one of the most unforgettable endings … A brilliant and moving literary feast to be enjoyed without any moderation! *****
‘I’m longing to read this again! Clever Kennedy! Is it a thriller? Is it a morality play or an exploration of divine justice? Or is it a family/village saga and maybe even a romance? … Terrifically readable with a marvellous cast.’ *****
‘This isn’t just the story of a Cornish summer holiday gone horribly wrong. Kennedy is, in fact, doing something much cleverer and more sophisticated – offering us the chance to solve a very unusual kind of mystery … An unexpectedly engaging literary game.’ ****
‘Such a good idea, and brilliantly executed … I was unable to stop reading, absorbed completely in the company of the motley group. It’s almost like you’re eavesdropping on them. After finishing it, I find myself still thinking about it … A fabulous read.’ *****
‘One of my favorite kinds of books: a forgotten treasure. The writing is exemplary … Many, many fine moments.’ *****

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