From Reviled to Respected


July 1986, Due to a combination of a successful but brutal recent history and an infamous bellicose support, Leeds United are the most hated club in English football.

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July 1986. Leeds United are the most hated club in English football. Drowning in a tide of apathy and self-pity, relegation to the abyss of the Third division has only been narrowly avoided, much to the dismay of a hostile national media. Meanwhile, Neville Copley is to leave his teen age years as a lazy, unemployed, uneducated – yet opinionated – drop out. His only passion is the much-maligned football club that everyone else hates. Both are derided with equal contempt and as the new football season approaches there is little hope of success for either. 

Neville starts off desperately trying to avoid meaningful employment whilst his club seems intent on avoiding success. A disgraceful riot plunges the club and its supporters to new depths, and both Neville and the club seem to have reached rock bottom. Can this prove to become a watershed moment for both?

As results pick up, Neville rides along on his new optimism, deciding he’d quite like to be a member of society after all as he looks for work, friends and maybe even a personality. Leeds United are looking for promotion and cup glory. Can Leeds United climb the ranks of the division? Can Neville lose his first name term status at the job centre? As the season reaches its climax, who will come out on top?

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