A Deadly Likeness


Jacob Malecki killed 15 people over a 13-year period. At the height of the murders, Dr Jo McCready was at university and, as an exercise, compiled a profile of Malecki, which broke open the case and helped send him down for life. 25 years later a copycat killer is re-creating his murders. What’s more, Malecki offers to help the police catch him from his own prison cell. Malecki claims he’s repenting for his crimes. Jo doubts it, but as the body count rises, she can’t ignore the killer’s offer. What does he really want – and can Jo find out before anyone else dies?

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CAN YOU TRUST A KILLER TO CATCH HIS OWN COPYCAT?The utterly gripping new Murder in Yorkshire crime novel by the brilliant Lesley McEvoy – for fans of Happy Valley.___________________ A serial killer is at large in Yorkshire, cutting off one victim’s body part to leave with the next. The police turn to forensic psychologist and profiler Dr Jo McCready, who knows the killer’s M.O. all too well. Twenty-five years ago, notorious Yorkshire serial killer Jacob Malecki murdered fifteen people using the same method, and Jo provided the profile that led to his capture.But with Malecki locked up in prison, who is the copycat killer? As the bodies pile up and the police get desperate, Malecki offers to help with the case. After all, who better to find a copycat than the original?Now Jo must play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with both killers. Can she use one to catch the other before more people die?Praise for Lesley McEvoy’s Murder in Yorkshire crime series:’McEvoy really knows her stuff.’ – IAN RANKIN ‘This book really got its hooks into me. Highly original and whipsmart on detail, I devoured it in one sitting’ – PETER JAMES’Such a clever, twisty crime thriller’ – SAIMA MIR’There are plenty of twists in this gripping read’ – YORKSHIRE TIMES

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