The New Kid in Class


Chloe Sullivan is always the first to volunteer to help the new kid in class – after all, she recently was the new kid herself. She knows exactly what it feels like not to fit in, or where to go at lunchtime. But when Stephen joins, Chloe just can’t bring herself to buddy up with him. Why? Because Stephen is Chloe’s DAD. But Stephen has lots of money and he’s not afraid to use it to stay at school – there’s nothing the school committee wants more than a spruced-up sports hall. But for the first time in her life, Chloe might just want to get this new (big) kid expelled.

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A funny space adventure for fans of Charlie Changes into a Chicken and The Spy Who Loved School Dinners.
Meet Mylan – an ordinary blue alien. He’s travelling the universe, looking for someone having a bad day, to help them.
Meet Chloe. She’s just stubbed her toe. Now she’s being followed by an alien. Her day can only get better, right? WRONG.

Every bad day begins with a stubbed toe. Mylan Bletzleburger’s research proves this. But even he couldn’t predict how Chloe’s day would escalate from a sore foot to the entire Earth being swallowed up.

Can Mylan and Chloe save the planet? Will Mylan ever pilot a cool spaceship? And will Tanka Tanka Woo Woo, the Queen of the Universe, ever share her haircare secrets?

Funny and packed with action and quirky aliens, this intergalactic adventure is out of this world!

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