The Burnings


‘I was mesmerised’ LAURA SHEPPERSON, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Heroines

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‘I was mesmerised’ LAURA SHEPPERSON, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Heroines

‘This gripping, vividly evoked novel takes the reader to the dark heart of the 16th century ? unforgettable’ Tracy Borman, author of The King’s Witch

Nothing scares men like witchcraft?

1589. Scottish housemaid Geillis and Danish courtier Margareta lead opposite lives, but they both know one thing: when a man cries “witch”, no woman is safe.

Yet when the marriage of King James VI and Princess Anna of Denmark brings Geillis and Margareta together, everything they supposed about good, evil, men, and women, is cast in a strange and brilliant new light.

For the first time in history, could black magic – or rumours of it – be a very real tool for women’s political gain?

As the North Berwick witch trials whip Scotland – and her king – into a frenzy of paranoia, the clock is ticking. Can Margareta and Geillis keep each other safe? And once the burnings are over, in whose hands will power truly lie?

Inspired by the incredible true story that set 16th-century Scotland and Denmark alight, The Burnings is 2023’s most bewitching debut novel, by a multi-awardwinning new star of historical fiction.

‘A beautifully written re-imagining ? clever and tantalising’ S.G. MacLean


‘I was blown away ? so gripping, at times it was very hard to put down. I was pulled in emotionally ? I do not have any negative comments about this story at all. Brilliantly put together’ Danielle Graham, (Dee, Goodreads) ?????

‘I can’t recommend this highly enough. It is well written, well researched, and a totally enthralling read’ ?????

‘What stands out for me is the clear level of research that went into the writing, plot and characters’ ?????

‘Beautifully written, I was transported ? The author has a talent for bringing historical figures and events to life ? This reminded me of Tracy Borman’s The King’s Witch and I’d love to read more from this author’ ?????

‘What a great story’ ?????

‘This book is up there with the best of them’ ?????

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